Coaching is a huge topic in many different industries today, and for good reason: a great coaching team can help you get the results you’re looking for. Gone are the days when business owners could rely on the tactics that had worked for years or decades; today, things are moving quickly, and focused coaching is becoming more vital than ever.

The right coaching team can provide you with everything from a customized action plan to the accountability you need, but a great coach goes deeper than that.

As a business coach, this is something I get asked about from time…

Let me guess: your schedule is busy. Back to back calls, appointments, and time blocks designed to help you get it all done. Stacks of files and emails that need your review. Marketing campaigns that don’t go quite the way you were hoping (or bomb completely). Oh, and unexpected “Do you have a minute?” conversations that turn out to take far longer than a minute. It’s all part of owning a growing business, but at times, it can take a toll.

As a business owner, your mindset is one of your most powerful tools. Your skills, your strategic mind, and…

Several years ago, I owned a busy law firm. We had plenty of clients coming in, my team stayed busy, and I worked the 80+ hour weeks that TV shows make us think are normal for attorneys. (Spoiler alert: they shouldn’t be!)

I knew there had to be a better way; when I discovered the power of systems, I learned how to balance my time and help my team be more productive, making my business more profitable.

This shift not only helped me double my business and double again, it also proved to be the catalyst for creating Upleveling Your…

Work hard, play hard.

This is something I remind my clients and team of on a regular basis. Growing a profitable business takes hard work and consistency, but it also takes a strong mindset. If all you do is work, that mindset will erode quickly.

As business owners, we tend to focus on our business long past the normal business day. For many of us, working into the late night hours or on the weekends is a common sight.

Contrary to popular belief however, this isn’t often the best thing for your business — or for your wellbeing.

If you…

Recently, my team and I celebrated the Second Anniversary of Upleveling Your Business. This is something that we spent several weeks planning, and we had a blast. At the center of it all was a feeling of gratitude.

As excited as I am at the goals we have reached this year, I realize every day that I did not get here on my own. My team, my clients, and the many people who have supported me are such an important part of my own journey as a business owner, and I love to show them my thanks in different ways.

Effective client care systems equip you to serve your clients well without letting things fall through the cracks, but they do much more. Having these systems in place shows your clients you care enough to anticipate and manage the details of their experience with you!

From the moment a prospect first has contact with your sales team to their last conversation with your staff, each step of your client management journey matters. Your client’s overall perspective of your company will affect their testimonials, referrals, and their decision to work with your company again.

It is important to view your client’s…

I talk with a lot of business owners who know they need to build out their systems but feel like they’re just stuck. This can be for a few different reasons, but the end result is the same — their growth stagnates and they remain trapped.

Some business owners that I talk with experienced growth during 2020; as much as the pandemic damaged many businesses, there were some niches that experienced growth through careful planning and listening to their client’s changing needs. …

Think back to the time you first decided to become a business owner. What excited you most about the prospect? Was it the chance to chart your own path? To break through the ceiling on what you could earn? To finally have control of your schedule so you can focus on the things that really matter to you?

These are all amazing goals, and I applaud you for taking action to pursue them. Building a business isn’t something that everyone is willing to do.

I have an honest question for you, though…have you seen that freedom become a reality?


Many of the decisions you make in your business will affect your overall business strategy, but some will make more of an impact than others. Which brand of printer you purchase may affect your team’s productivity, for example, but not anywhere near as much as the impact of who is on your Marketing Team.

This team is central to your company’s growth, and the tasks and projects they take on are multi-faceted and often fast-paced. In order to keep your Marketing Team running smoothly and profitably, you need not only the right systems, but the right people.

And even more…

Your team is your most valuable asset. Each rockstar saves you time, runs your systems, and helps you grow your business far beyond what you could do as a one-person operation. They make it possible for you to serve a larger number of clients, market and sell your services or products, and help you keep your finances in order. But are you overlooking what your team could do to help you minimize costs?

As a business owner, it can be easy to focus a bit too much on the high-level strategy and overlook the details that can make a huge…

The Kristen David

Mentor, Guru, Ass-Kicker, International Speaker, Writer, Marketing & Management Advisor for Business Owners.

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